Aether Continuation Mod 1.12.2 for Minecraft

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Aether Continuation Mod 1.12.2 adds more interesting content to the original mod – Aether. The new content will diversify your Minecraft gaming experience.

The mod’s author is so interested in the original mod mentioned above because of its simplicity. He felt that it was suitable for vanilla. The reason why he made this sequel is that the original mod stopped getting more updates. This sequel brings you more content to explore.

Here are the unique features added by the mod:

  • Various Skyroot elements for you to use. They are Skyroot Doors, Skyroot Chests, Skyroot Signs, Skyroot Traps, Skyroot Beds, Skyroot and Holystone Pressure Plates, and Skyroot and Holystone Buttons.
  • Zanite Doors: They function like Iron doors.
  • Zanite Pressure Plate: Only you – the player – can activate it.
  • Ambrosium Block: It is a cosmetic storage block that releases light.
  • Zanite Trapdoors: These doors function like Iron trapdoors.
  • Zanite Bars: These bars are for decoration.
  • Aetherion Chest: It features an exclusive inventory for each player that opens it.
  • Aetherium Core: You utilize it to create the Aetherion Chest.
  • Cockatrice food: It releases Raw/Burnt Cockatrice. Don’t eat it because it will poison you.
  • Configurable: You can configure everything in this addon.

To make Aether Continuation function in the game, you have to install Minecraft Forge and Aether.


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For Minecraft 1.12.2
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