Cough Fallout 4

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At Fallout 4, you will participate in animated survival or fighting games. You will transform into different characters according to your choice and experience the virtual world space through the game’s character perspective. Because of the growing demand for virtual reality from players, game creators create additional tools to run their games. Mods are that tool.


Cough is a simple and lightweight mod. As the name implies, when this mod is launched with your game, your character will be able to act. Interesting! Your character will cough in certain situations below:

  • Eat dirty food
  • Drink dirty water
  • Infected
  • Get a storm or get wet in the rain.
  • Affected by an explosion occurring near the character’s location
  • Falling from a high moan
  • Inhalation of toxic gas
  • Weak

You can see the character’s cough animation in either the first or the third person. You can see when the character coughs, and they still have a mouth or chest movement. As can be seen, Cough brings the details very honestly and closely. There are also mouth-covering devices to help prevent your character from coughing due to a storm or an explosion. You can read more optional gameplay features in the MCM menu. Cough Fallout 4 Free Download is the version available on our site for you. Join it now!

Cough Fallout 4 Screenshots

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