Crane’s Socks Fashion Fallout 4

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Have you ever tired of trying the same pair of socks in this Fallout 4 game. You can make that disappear forever. Players can find their socks in the workbench, and this is where you can also make other kinds of socks.

There will be three kinds of these items that you can craft. The fighting one will be Thigh High socks. It looks a little sexy with a female character. The second one will be Knee High socks, and this one will cover your whole leg. The last one is Extra Long socks, and you can wear this sock with shorts. It will look the best when you are in a battle!

Crane’s Socks Fashion Fallout 4 is a good mode for players who like to change their outfits. Players also need to download and have Caliente’s CBBE Body on their PC. That mode is also free, so players don’t need to pay anything to get this mode.

Crane’s Socks Fashion Fallout 4 Free Download is newly open for any player!

Crane’s Socks Fashion Fallout 4 Screenshots

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