Fallout London – Bren Gun Fallout 4

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Bren Gun is an additional mod to the Bren light machine gun game that has been in use by the British Army since the 1930s. It appears to be one of the weapons featured in the “Fallout London” major mod currently used by the British Army manufacturing.

Fallout London - Bren Gun
Fallout London – Bren Gun

Fallout London – Bren Gun Fallout 4 is a standalone weapon mod. It contains Bren Gun with various desktop attachments to create different versions to meet users’ maximum needs.

You can craft your weapon from the chemical station or buy it back from the weapon shop if you’ve reached level 20 or above. Additionally, it can be released with an AD carry item. Besides, Fallout London – Bren Gun lets you customize your weapon’s fire rate if it’s too slow at the Crafting Frame. The custom animation specifications and the custom sounds are great too. The uniquely shaped website is also interesting to look at.


  • Add a British light machine gun, the Bren gun, to the game.
  • Different custom animations for both 1st, 3rd person, and Power Armor

To increase armor’s power, you should play the game with your companion Fallout London – Bren Gun. The armor that this mod provides at Fallout 4 looks sturdy and heavy because it’s only LMG. If you like real guns and LMG mods, try Fallout London – Bren Gun Fallout 4 Free Download.


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