FallUI Workbench Fallout 4

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FallUI Workbench Fallout 4 is a supported mod with the Fallout 4 desktop interface optimized for PC. So, you can easily use it on a PC without any trouble. It is also available with the FallUI Workbench Free Download for PC on our website for easy updating and installation.

FallUI Workbench
FallUI Workbench

FallUI Workbench Mod has a larger screen size, contains easy-to-see data columns and comparison columns for user mods. Besides, this mod also supports item icon cards in the form of an Icon Menu for you to easily find and select your icon cards. Those are the reasons that the FallUI Workbench shows more data to the user. Therefore, it is not only easy to use but also very convenient for beginners. Another very prominent feature of the FallUI Workbench Mod is the modules’ automatic building at no charge.


  • Full support for FallUI
  • Supports all languages included
  • Fully compatible with any Item Sorting Mod that is compatible with def_inv / dev_hud
  • Large display size for inventory lists, mod lists, and other display tables
  • Includes weapon and armor workbench, chemical station, cooking station
  • Contains visual updates, functional updates
  • There are customizable interface colors, filter mode, quick search engine, Icon Menu to search and quickly select item icon tags (can be changed any name)
  • If you have FallUI installed, it will automatically use a FallUI style profile if available.
  • Optimize desktop scripts for better performance

Install FallUI Workbench now and experience them offline.


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