IceStorm’s GRL45 Grenade Launcher Fallout 4

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IceStorm’s GRL45 Grenade Launcher Fallout 4 is a mod that adds an original design grenade launcher to your game. The author of this mod is IceStormNG.

IceStorm's GRL45 Grenade Launcher
IceStorm’s GRL45 Grenade Launcher

IceStorm’s GRL45 Grenade Launcher adds a sci-fi grenade launcher with a variety of different grenades. When you start the game after activating this mod, you absolutely can get them and use it. It will show specific on-screen display instructions to you. You can also make your own gun body and a grenade from the “GRL45” type of chemical station. Or make special ammunition (cryo, plasma, etc.). However, it looks like this weapon has to be picked up by the end of the game, and it is a spec that requires a certain rank of Destruction and Science Specialist! Additionally, you can optionally add them to your leveled list, but they won’t appear before you reach Lv20.

Guns and grenades will also be found on the seller’s sales list and at each location and can also be equipped by BOS, Gunners, and Android. And it is entirely possible if you want to switch bullets quickly using the billet converter.

Ammo types that IceStorm’s GRL45 Grenade Launcher at Fallout 4 provides:

  • Incendiary (The explosion emits more particles, causing fire around it with a side effect. It does fire damage over a specified period, which tends to get more severe over time.)
  • Cryo (Low damage. Freezes enemies in the area of effect)
  • Plasma Ammo (Can melt enemies into a pile of wood)
  • Nuclear (Leaves radioactive damage up to 30 seconds after detonation)

Since the grenade’s strength is set quite high, be careful with the self-destruct, but if you can use it well, you can fight in a warrior mode. Install now IceStorm’s GRL45 Grenade Launcher Fallout 4 Free Download version of this mod for PC and transform into a mighty warrior with dramatic battles. Join it now.


Uploaded by: icestormng