NXGEN – Nice Bush Fallout 4

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NXGEN – Nice Bush Fallout 4 is a project developed to replace the low-quality content in Fallout 4 with much higher resolution content. Accordingly, the textures of the details in the game will be upgraded to high-quality 3D scanning. The meshes also become more flexible, greatly increasing the realism. What is special about NXGEN – Nice Bush is to create completely new, and high-quality content like that without breaking recombines. NXGEN – Nice Bush has no impact on your game performance. If so, that number is very small.

NXGEN - Nice Bush
NXGEN – Nice Bush

NXGEN – Nice Bush Fallout 4 will replace the Forsythia bush in Fallout 4. The vanilla bushes will have a highly detailed mesh texture. Their branches and leaves are individual. These details are in actual three-dimensional form. With the 1.1 updates, the fence was also replaced. In update 1.2, NXGEN – Nice Bush made improving the barrier substitute in terms of optimization and appearance, improved color variations on the Forsythia substitute, and improved leaf animation. Especially on Hedgerow03 and Hedgerow04, the bush will be scrapable, etc.

The creator is also developing a version of NXGEN – Nice Bush, so there are always early trials. They also provide a way to reduce the file size to reduce the VRAM consumption of albedo textures to less than 50% without losing the image. So NXGEN – Nice Bush Fallout 4 Free Download is also very light to install. Check out the realism that NXGEN – Nice Bush brings to your game now.


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