Park Coventry Outfit – CBBE- Fallout 4

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Park Coventry Outfit -CBBE- Fallout 4 Free Download is a mod board designed to add Park Coventry from the Cold War to players. This new outfit has added new features such as additional gloves, belt belts, outerwear, 16 Materials swaps, and Customizable Equipment.

Park Coventry Outfit - CBBE
Park Coventry Outfit – CBBE

Besides, you can make it yourself at chemlab under BOCW Park Coventry; or donate it by entering the help 4 Coventry armor “and” player adds item ID. The material made up of it is entirely according to your preference. Plus, you can swap, modify, or customize lining to level up your armor. However, this added outfit is for women only.

Park Coventry Outfit -CBBE- brings very beautiful, patterned outfits. Due to some parts’ finesse, or simply making it an activity, when you equip your outfit, your game can freeze for 2-3 seconds. Don’t worry, and it will be better if you use a bodyslide file.

Park Coventry from the Cold War is quite lightweight because it suits women’s designs. However, problems arise when the default strands on a beanie have been set to work with Azar Hairstyles. Therefore, an outfit can present a small but negligible amount of inconvenience.

Try this extremely cool outfit at Fallout 4; of course, you have to update the Park Coventry Outfit -CBBE- earlier version. Note that this mod is not integrated into another mod.

Park Coventry Outfit – CBBE- Fallout 4 Screenshots

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