The Ballistic Series Fallout 4

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The Ballistic Series is a mod supported in Fallout4. It provides players with a range of different ammo with a higher definition, much greater attack power. It featured rifle-class ballistic weapons in Fallout 4, such as submachine guns, combat weapons, silver shroud variations, shotguns and rifles, and finally, machine guns. The Ballistic Series Free Download is available in 2k, 4k formats in separate ESL or esp versions.

The Ballistic Series
The Ballistic Series

The ballistic textures that The Ballistic Series Fallout 4 offers are very detailed, with a very modern, eye-catching style and color, suitable for most of the tastes of professional guns. That is also one of the reasons, so many gamers choose The Ballistic Series when joining Fallout4.

Install now The Ballistic Series Fallout 4 Free Download version to become one of the greatest warriors at Fallout4. We welcome your feedback. Please leave your comments about this mod and possible shortcomings to make it more and more perfect. Have a good time playing games with The Ballistic Series.

Some visuals of items that The Ballistic Series offers:

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