VenusBlood FRONTIER International

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VenusBlood FRONTIER International is a game that presents a long narrative paired with strategic RPG systems. You will be surprised by the mass amounts of player choice. You will find yourself immersed in conquering the game world for long hours. Try to establish the strongest army imaginable in the game.

The characters in the game
The characters in the game

The game setting

VenusBlood FRONTIER International talks about the great war of the demons and gods that drove humanity to the brink of extinction. Luckily, surviving humans on the Floating Continent of Yggdrasil were protected by gods.

Many years later, the protagonist Loki – an exiled member of the demon nobility, continues to invade Yggdrasil. He and four other royal heirs prepare to start the war, aim at contending the throne of the Dark Lord who wronged him. Loki is a complex character. His mind is set with memories of his mom while he lives to find a way to revenge the Dark Lord. The two personalities make the Loki character more interesting.

Loki has to own a treasure to succeed in the throne and revenge. However, obtaining the treasure is not an easy process. It is on the floating continent and protected by season goddesses and their Chief God Odin.

About Story

We always think that demons on the earth and gods in heaven. Floating Continent of Yggdrasil in the game is a large area that is known as the land of the god. The Dark Lord always wants to invade the continent. He says that who capture this land will become the heir to his throne. All four heirs and Loki decide to take part in this battle for the throne.

The fight between five invading demons and five goddesses starts in VenusBlood FRONTIER International. The gamer wagers the existence of Loki in the imaginary battle.

The land of the goddess
The land of the goddess

Gameplay Features

World map

The game allows players to access a world map that has many towns and landmarks in the floating continent. Thanks to the map, you can decide the areas to approach and develop.

Army composition

You can build your armies with unique synergies to overwhelm your enemy. Establish teams or divisions containing up to six units with different skillsets. You can form the army tailored to your desire.

The fight

To take over the goddess’ land, you have to capture the gods and the capital city. Remember, you have to obtain your enemy territory before attacking the capital city.

When you conquer an area or town, try to develop them. Produce food and resources that are important to build armies. Turn these areas into the facilities that generate gold, resources, or even the training grounds for your soldiers.

Military preparation

In VenusBlood FRONTIER International, you have to outfit your subordinates with equipment. Try to raise them to be stronger, and give “medallions” to help them access to more units. Remember that the rare medallion offers the best effect.

Final Thoughts

Immerse yourself in the VenusBlood FRONTIER International world, you will find it exciting and addictive. Also, all side characters in the game are fully voiced, making it more interesting. I hope you have a relaxed time with this game.