Workshop Power Pack

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Workshop Power Pack is a mod that adds three types of generators to your home crafting menu. In terms of using the mod, this mod will add it to the Residence craft menu’s generator menu after the mod is activated, so install it anywhere. The generators this Addon adds are all wireless power sources. That means they can be operated without any wires being connected. However, you can still optionally connect them to the grid, if desired.

Workshop Power Pack
Workshop Power Pack

The first source of electricity is electric boxes. That is the focus of this mod. There are three types of electrical boxes in the Workshop Power Pack: Low (10pwr), Medium (20pwr), and High (30pwr). They both have an effective radius of 1000, roughly the length of the Red Missile corridor. The second electricity source is the generator, which is civil (15pwr) and industrial (25pwr). Generators of this type have a larger effective radius than an electrical box. Their speed reaches 1500.

The Workshop Power Pack also provides a trailered generator (40pwr) with an effective radius of 2000. And the strongest power source available on this mod at Fallout 4 is the transformer. It is a large metal block providing more than 100 energy units per rod for up to 5000 effects. It can power most Starlight Drive-In.

Note that the above sources require you to find a perk magazine, which can be found at West Everette Estate.

Workshop Power Pack Fallout 4 is a convenient generator mod that looks good, does not emit smoke, and does not need wires around the house. If you want to stick with the handicrafts where you live, we recommend giving it a try. Also, only the box type is released independently, so if you want only the box type, please download the standalone version, Workshop Power Pack Free Download. We wish you happy gaming!


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